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The finished pendant has a similar color to 24-carat gold and its color will last for a long time if properly cared for.

To maintain the shine of your jewelry, it is important to keep it clean. However, the presence of uric acid in your body can cause certain jewelry to tarnish or discolor more quickly. It is therefore important to regularly care for your jewelry to maintain its shine. Please note that individual reactions may vary.

How do I clean my trailer?

  1. Wet your antique coin jewelry under running water.
  2. Mix alcohol vinegar and dishwashing liquid in your hand
  3. Apply the mixture and rub the pendant with your hands. The more friction there is, the better the jewelry will be cleaned. To speed up and optimize the process, you can also use a toothbrush.
  4. Rinse under running water
  5. Dry the pendant thoroughly with a soft cloth or flannel, as far as possible so that no traces of water remain. To improve this process, use a hairdryer.

If the part is not clean enough, repeat the process.


  1. Are you allowed to go to the swimming pool or the sea?

- Yes, you can, but chlorine and saltpeter affect the oxidation of the pendant, so after entering the sea or pool it is essential to clean the piece to preserve the color and shine of the piece.

Do not store the dirty item.

  1. Will it turn black?

- No, it can get dirty depending on the uric acid in your body, but after cleaning it will return to its original color.


* "Similar" is not the same, depending on the formulation and composition of the gold piece it can have different shades.

Trailer specifications:


Weight: 5.0g

Height: 3.0 cm

Width: 2.3cm


Weight: 18g

Height: 6.4 cm

Width: 3.5cm

500 in stock

Size: Large
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Care information

Our pieces are made of solid gold-colored metal, without the need for any chemical process. The fact that no chemical process is required to achieve the color of gold already eliminates the defects that a gold-plated piece can have, such as rust, damage, etc. So it is actually a very good material! We do not prohibit you from bathing in fresh or salt water (but it should always be avoided because it is a semi-jewel). The ideal is to clean the piece properly after this type of use. Cleaning the piece is only necessary if it darkens a little.

Why does the piece darken?

With the exception of gold, which is a precious metal, any jewelry can get dirty depending on the amount of uric acid that is excreted through sweat. So whether it gets dirty varies from person to person and from organism to organism. If the person uses the item and notices that it has become a little darker (which is due to dirt), it means that they have uric acid in their blood, which is excreted through sweat and can then come into contact with the item and contaminate it, depending on how much the person sweats.

What do we recommend for people with uric acid problems?

We recommend cleaning when necessary and avoiding using it during physical activity or when sweating heavily, as excess uric acid can accumulate in the piece, making cleaning very difficult and even damaging the piece.

In short, when the item gets dirty, it must be cleaned. The frequency of this cleaning is determined by the person who uses the item. Whenever the item is noticed to be dirty, the ideal is to clean it so that the item can return to its original color and not spoil. The guarantee does not cover any incident with the material after use, that is, if it is dirty due to the user's sweat or even damaged by uric acid, this is not our responsibility.

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